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First, thank you for all of the comments, questions, suggestions, and ideas. They were coming in so fast and furiously for a bit. With all the changes, meetings, working at the park, updating publicity, etc etc - and my real job - I feel like I'm way behind. In fact, I wanted to post this last night.

We know that a lot of people look forward to this event every year. Still others plan vacations and trips home to Woodville just for the Celebration. We wanted to avoid canceling if there was any way to do so because this event is important to our community. And we refused to let the water defeat us.

We have a plan. Maybe not an ideal plan. Maybe we could have come up with a better plan if we had had a little more time. But we have a plan and we are moving forward with it.

Yes, we did consider moving the Celebration to another location, but decided against it for many reasons:
- The logistics of moving our equipment to another site such as the school was not feasible, especially since so much of it was on the other side of the water when Cherry St flooded.
- We did not have the resources or manpower to move it to another location.
- We would not be able to rent more tents on a holiday weekend on such short notice and we really couldn't afford the extra expense (those suckers cost about $3000 for the week - and that doesn't include the milkshake stand). Tents would be needed to either block the rain or provide shade, depending on the weather.
- The beer license is site specific and would not cover a new location.
- We would not be able to get a new beer license in two days. On average, it usually takes 4 weeks to receive our license after we send in the application to the state.
- There are more reasons, but it's getting late...

So, we have a plan and we'll see how this works out. We'll learn from it and take notes that we hopefully will never need again. And Woodville will have a 4th of July Celebration.

Happy 4th!!


Fireworks - 10:00 pm

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5K Run/Walk


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Updated Tuesday, June 30, 2015

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